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Silla Acapulco Original x Van Buren Sheepskins

Getting cozy with our collaboration with Van Buren natural sheepskins

silla acapulco original chair van buren sheepskin leather

We love how the Van Buren sheepskins complement our Acapulco chairs, especially the Acapulco chair woven with natural leather, to make them even more cozy for indoor use.

silla acapulco original sheepskin van buren natural leather chair handmade

We always look for partners with similar values and what we appreciate about the Van Buren sheepskins is that they come from the meat industry, so no animal is slaughtered for its skin. They are 100% handcrafted and natural. All their sheespkins are traditionally produced with natural tannins without any use of dye or bleach.  

silla acapulco original chair sheepskin leather

Shop the Acapulco chair in leather and sheepskins here.

silla acapulco original leather sheepskin natural chair

silla acapulco chair sheepskin leather handmade original

silla acapulco leather chair original sheepskin natural

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