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Dining room chairs for indoor and outdoor use

All our dining chairs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with exception of the natural materials such as hemp. Through the use of simple materials and the minimalist design, these chairs are timeless and multifunctional.
Dining room chairs for indoor and outdoor use

Modern wire chairs for indoor and outdoor use.

Our hand-woven wire chairs play with light and space through the simple lines of the PVC cords.

Our Mexican wire chairs have a timeless design and, due to the materials used, are perfectly suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Just like the metal wire dining chairs, our dining chairs offer a very open design and have the same minimalistic look as the vintage wire chairs. 

The chairs offer a lot of comfort and support through the sturdy and flexible cords. The seat forms itself to your body and then returns to its original form after use. The chairs are resistant to sunlight, cold/heat and rain.

Due to the use of galvanized steel and UV-resistant (and where possible recycled) PVC, our wire chairs can be used for years both indoors and outdoors.

Currently we have the following dining room wire chairs available:

Rosarito wire chair

This beautiful Mexican wire chair with open and colourful design is an eye-catcher for the dining room but also the patio or your office. This original wire chair is suitable also for outdoor use.

Polanco classic wire chair

This classic wire chair is based on the design of Clement Meadmore from the 1950s. The design is timeless due to its minimalist style and simple use of materials. For indoor and outdoor use.

Luna wire chair

The Luna wire chair is very versatile due to its open structure and durability of the materials used. It can serve as an indoor dining chair or as outdoor furniture on your terrace. It is a little wider than most dining chairs so it can also be considered a more relaxing wire armchair. For indoor and outdoor use.

Mola wire chair

This is a simple but very versatile Mexican wire dining chair. Sturdy and stackable which makes it ideal for restaurants or commercial terraces. Also a great addition to your dining table, both indoor and outdoor. 

FIAM outdoor chairs

Besides our own Silla Acapulco dining chairs we also offer FIAM outdoor dining chairs. These practical (stackable) and colourful chairs are a great addition to our product range. Have a look here at the various models.