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Team Silla Acapulco Mexico

Who is the face behind Silla Acapulco Original?

Joris, founder of Silla Acapulco, fell in love with the Acapulco chair during a visit to Mexico city in 2007. A few years later, while living in Spain, he decided to introduce the iconic chair to the Spanish and later the entire European market. Nowadays Silla Acapulco delivers the original Acapulco chair to homes, hotels and restaurants all over Europe and beyond.

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is part of Fair Furniture

Fair Furniture promotes and produces honest handmade furniture and accessories.
We focus on furniture and accessories made of sustainable and honest materials and crafted by local artisans. 

All products available in our webshop are handmade in Mexico. The local artisans weld the frame, whereas the seat is woven by hand. By selling our Acapulco and Condesa chairs, we stimulate these handicrafts and the local economy.

In addition, we have entered into some close collaborations with trusted brands such as Fiam outdoor, Italy.

Our central warehouse is located in Tilburg and most of the deliveries are carried out by DHL and other parcel service providers.

Our warehouse is also our showroom where you can come see and try out the chairs and our other products by appointment.


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We currently deliver from our central warehouse to all European countries.

Wholesale and export orders

For wholesale and export orders contact us at [email protected]    

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