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Acapulco chairs, the Original!

Did you know that all our Acapulco chairs are handmade in Mexico by mainly young people offering them fair wages and working conditions?
Acapulco chairs, the Original!

Acapulco chairs made in Mexico

The original Acapulco chairs from Mexico - made with PVC free of phthalates.

Owing to its base made of powder-coated steel and the seat made with UV-resistant PVC cords, our Acapulco chairs are weatherproof and perfect for both indoors and outdoors.

Because they are handmade in Mexico, each Acapulco chair is slightly different than the other. The seat surrounds the body perfectly and provides the ultimate comfort.

Acapulco chairs in various colors

The Acapulco chair is available in many different designs and various colours. You can now even design your own Acapulco chair here!

Acapulco chairs models

We offer a wide range of colors and models - check the Acapulco chairs with white frame or even the Acapulco rocking chairs. 

Please note that our Acapulco chairs are not detachable, unlike some other versions being sold. We have kept the original Acapulco design of a solid steel frame, which creates a more stable and sturdy chair. This guarantees a prolonged lifespan for both private and commercial use.

Custom made Acapulco furniture

The Acapulco chair, sometimes called the Acapulco armchair, is just one version of a wide variety of Acapulco furniture. We can produce custom made Acapulco furniture for your home, office or hospitality business.

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The current Acapulco furniture range:

Authentic classic

The authentic Acapulco chair is the classic version of the Acapulco chair. Also called the original Mexican Acapulco chair. The ideal chair for both indoor and outdoor use!

Detachable Acapulco chair

The detachable version of the Acapulco chair has been specially designed so that the chair takes up less space during transport and can be stored more easily. The chair comes in two parts and is easy to assemble.

Acapulco chair made with natural fibers

The Acapulco chair made of natural materials such as palm leaf, reed or hemp rope is the environmentally friendly and sustainable version of the classic Acapulco chair. Caution! These Acapulco chairs are only suitable for indoor use. These Mexican chairs are handwoven on a small scale in our workshop.

Acapulco chair multi-color

The multicolored Acapulco chair consists of a combination of several colors that together create an original version of this classic Mexican chair. For example, take a look at our unique Acapulco Sunset chair.

Acapulco chair leather edition

The leather edition of the Acapulco chair is available in black and brown leather. This stylish Mexican chair is woven from natural leather and gives a warm touch to your interior. Only suitable for indoor use!

Acapulco chair white frame

The classic Acapulco chair, but with a stylish white frame.

Baby Acapulco chair

The small version of the Acapulco chair. Nice for the nursery! Please note, the baby Acapulco seats are not suitable for adults.

Design your own Acapulco chair

With this unique 'tool' you can design your own Acapulco chair. Choose your favorite colors and we will weave the chair especially for you in our workshop.

Acapulco sofa

The ideal Acapulco love seat. Suitable for two to a maximum of three people.

Acapulco rocking chair

This is the rocking chair version of the original Acapulco chair. Sit back and relax!

Acapulco sunbed

The Acapulco lounger or sunbed in Acapulco style, perfect for your terrace or swimming pool.

Acapulco hanging chair

A favorite among Acapulco furniture. Simply hang the Acapulco chair from a ceiling surface and you can curl up and rock. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Protective rubber feet

Here you will find protection for your floor. These protective rubber feet fit on the feet of the Acapulco chair.

Acapulco furniture made with natural materials

Mexican furniture made of natural materials.