1 Delivery times
1.1 What is the delivery time of items in stock?

We usually deliver to almost all destinations in Europe within about 1 week.

1.2 What is the delivery time of items that are not in stock?

The delivery time of items that are not in stock is approx. 3 months - sometimes a bit faster if a container is already on the way.

Almost all our products come from afar and are made by hand on a small scale. Therefore, it sometimes takes a bit longer for the products to be delivered. However, we have a large stock and can deliver most items quickly from our central warehouse in the Netherlands.

Our products are worth the wait, we promise you that!

1.3 But how do I know the exact delivery time if a product is not in stock?

Please send us an email and we will inform you within 24 hours.

2 Shipping costs
2.1 If I place an order for 2 chairs, can I still use the free shipping for both chairs, even if they are shipped separately?

Yes, if the chairs have to be shipped separately because one of them is out of stock, we still offer free shipping. However, it is not possible to use a different address for the second shipment.

2.2 What are the shipping costs outside the EU to countries such as Switzerland and Norway?

The shipping costs to Switzerland and Norway are €75.

Important to know: for export shipments to Norway and Switzerland we use DHL and ship according to incoterms 2011, delivered at place (DAP). This means that you as the buyer are responsible for the import declaration and any local taxes or import duties.

3 Orders & Invoicing
3.1 Can I order a unique color?

Yes, that is possible - with a minimum order of 20 chairs. By giving us a Pantone or RAL code we can produce the PVC cords in almost every color. However, we cannot guarantee that the color matches 100%. We depend on the base material that is available in Mexico. Since we work with materials coming from various sources as well as recycled materials, it can be difficult to make an exact copy of a color. Also, the color of a PVC cord always looks different on paper than on the screen. But if a slight difference in color does not present a problem to you, we can make a chair in almost any color.

Important to know: 
- The delivery time of an item with custom color is approx. 3 months
- The price remains the same

3.2 How do I request an invoice?

An invoice is automatically generated and sent for every order. If you have not received an invoice please send us an email and we will send you an invoice immediately.

3.3 Since I live in Belgium and have a VAT number, my order should be considered as an intra-community delivery, ie. without VAT. How do I specify this in my order?

By entering your VAT number together with your customer details before ordering. It is important to first check whether your VAT number is valid for intra-community deliveries. This can be done through this site; http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/vatRequest.html

3.4 Can I order without paying VAT?

Within the EU it is only possible to order without VAT if you have a valid VAT number for intra-community deliveries. Without a valid VAT number, you as a consumer always have to pay VAT.

Export shipments – eg. to Switzerland - are always without VAT.

4 Quality & Warranty
4.1 Can the chairs be used outdoors? In the rain?

Yes, the chairs with PVC cords can easily be used outside for years. Acapulco PVC chairs are suitable for temperatures between about -15 ℃ and +60 ℃. The cold can make the cords somewhat stiffer and the heat can soften them a bit. They can simply be left to in rain. The PVC is resistant to sunlight and contains anti-oxidants. The frames of our chairs are galvanized. We therefore guarantee years of trouble-free outdoor use.

Please note! This only applies to the PVC versions. Leather is only suitable for indoor use. Hemp – on the other hand - is suitable for outdoor use, however, we recommend not to allow for the hemp chair to get wet, in order to ensure trouble-free long-term use.

4.2 How long is the manufacturer's warranty?

Our chairs remain beautiful for a long time and our experience shows that even after many (> 5) years of intensive use (both inside and outside), the chairs are still beautiful and intact.

The standard factory guarantee is two years, but we promise that we will offer a suitable solution even after those two years if a chair no longer meets your needs.

4.3 Why are the original Acapulco chairs more expensive than the replicas?

There are many reasons for this and we will list some here;

- The original seats are often larger than the ones on the replica chairs and therefore more comfortable.

- They are made of a better quality material and are therefore heavier (replicas get blown away by wind)

- They are made with UV-resistant PVC (replicas usually fade in the sun)

- We use recyclable and if possible recycled PVC (this is usually not the case with replicas)

- We use solid steel for the frame (instead of hollow)

- The seat is made of flexible cords (replicas usually have stiff cords and are therefore not comfortable)

- Our chairs are ethically produced. We pay a fair price (replicas can come from anywhere and are made as cheap as possible)

- The first Acapulco chairs from the '50s and' 60s were made in Mexico. Our chairs are also made there. The chairs are transported by container from Mexico City to the port of Veracruz and from there they go to Rotterdam by ship. Due to the big volume of the chair, the freight costs are considerable.

- Our chairs are simply more beautiful!