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The original Silla Acapulco chairs checked by Fair Furniture

The Acapulco Chair - Silla México

Say NO to imitation, choose the original Acapulco chair! New models and new colors of the famous Mexican chair. Outdoor furniture handmade in Mexico.

The Original Acapulco Chair

The original 'Acapulco Chair' is an icon of the glamorous 1950s. Today known worldwide for its unparalleled beauty and multifunctional use.

These extremely comfortably designed Acapulco Chairs have since taken their place as a style icon and can be seen in hotels, beach clubs, terraces, offices and of course residential interiors.

Acapulco Chairs' Origin

"Silla Acapulco is part of Fair Furniture. Fair Furniture focuses on handmade furniture and accessories from fair and sustainable sources. All Acapulco Chairs available through this online store are handmade in Mexico and are welded and woven by local artisans. By selling our Acapulco Chairs we support the local crafts and economy”.

Silla Acapulco Furniture

All Acapulco chairs offered in our online store are 100% handmade in Mexico by artisans and made of high-quality materials. Discover the Acapulco design that best suits your interior or exterior today!

This original Mexican Acapulco Chair is handwoven with recyclable PVC cord and in some cases recycled. The PVC of our original Mexican Silla Acapulco Chairs has:

❇️ anti-UV properties

❇️ antioxidants

❇️ and is free of phthalates.

Eco-friendly Acapulco Chairs

This not only ensures that the chairs are less harmful to our environment, but are also suitable for outdoor use. The Acapulco Chair is available in a wide range of colours, natural leather, hemp fiber and palm leaf.

Fair Trade, Original Acapulco Chair

All Silla Acapulco chairs are originally handmade and woven in Mexico by local artisans and receive the Fair Furniture label! Order yours online:

Acapulco Chair Materials

Thanks to the chosen materials, most of our Silla Acapulco products and furniture can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Acapulco Chair Design

The Silla Acapulco design is an original design from Mexico.

The authentic design of the Acapulco Chair has unique dimensions that guarantee a specific aesthetic. The chair is designed for relaxation and should be large enough to support the head and have a comfortable seat.

Contact Silla Acapulco

Take a look at the different Silla Acapulco models in our catalog or contact our customer service directly.

If you are looking for your own original handmade Acapulco Chair in your favorite color, please email us at [email protected]

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