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Condesa chair made with natural fibers

Condesa chair made with natural fibers

The Condesa Hemp Chair is simple, natural and biological, woven with durable hemp plant fibers. The Condesa Tule chair is hand-woven from local reed, beautiful and durable!

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Condesa Hemp chair and Tule chair (reed)

These unique Condesa Hemp and Tule chairs are the natural versions of the original Condesa chair.

Woven from hemp fibers with natural anti-UV, fire retardant, anti-bacterial and anti-static properties or with a type of reed called Tule from Mexico. 

Our Condesa chairs have a guaranteed quality and durability due to the welded frame and galvanized steel with powder coating.

We advise for the Tule chair to be used indoors. The seat may get wet, but it is important to dry it well and especially not to cover it while still damp. 

*Hemp fiber is durable and can also be used outdoors. However, for extended use, we recommend to use the chair mainly indoors and to protect it against moisture and sun. The fibers shrink when they are moist and expand when dry.