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Authentic vs. Replica: The Acapulco Chair From Mexico

What’s the difference between authentic and replica Acapulco chairs? Founder and Acapulco chair aficionado Joris van Balkom explains.

The original Acapulco chair versus Replica chairs

In this blog we explain the differences between an original Silla Acapulco chair and the many replica chairs offered everywhere. We show the differences in dimensions, comfort and materials. We hope that after reading our blog you too are convinced of the value of choosing the original chairs. By buying our original Acapulco chairs you will purchase an item that, if taken care of properly, lasts a life-time. We hope to reduce the amount of products that are thrown away after only a few years of use. We advocate for "buy better, buy less" and hope you will enjoy our original Acapulco chairs!!

Why is it better to buy an original Acapulco chair? 

In this video we show the differences between an original Acapulco chair and a replica chair. 

We talk about the differences in dimensions, weight and the comfort of the pvc strings used to weave the chairs. You will see that these differences are very important to guarantee a comfortable chair.

Dimensions of the original Acapulco chair

The original chair made in Mexico is bigger than the replica - the length of an original chair is 106cm, ensuring a more comfortable seat with the support of the head. The replica has a shorter length of 94cm, which is not as loungy and does not offer head support.

Comfort of the original Acapulco chair

The flexible vinyl cords that the authentic chairs are woven from have a “memory” - the cords are soft and mold to your body ensuring a comfortable seat. They return immediately back to their original shape after use, whereas the replica's cords loses it's shape and comfort quite quickly. 

Responsibility in material use

Furthermore, our chairs are ethically produced and handwoven in Mexico from phthalate-free PVC (which is less harmful to the environment. All Acapulco items we have in black are made from 70% recycled PVC.

We hope that if we all buy better quality products and are more mindful when choosing our home decor items, we can all buy less. :)

Check out our selection of original Acapulco chairs here.

Acapulco chairs woven with natural materials

We are always searching for alternative materials to weave our original Acapulco chairs. We currently use hemp rope, tule reed and palm leaf as a sustainable and natural alternative for the pvc strings. These natural materials are renewable and have a very low impact on our ecosystem. The natural materials are strong and remarkably comfortable. We do recommend to only use these natural versions indoor. 

For Acapulco chairs woven out of natural materials, like eco-friendly hemp rope and tule, please click here

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