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A Luxury Hotel In The Heart Of The Mediterranean

Our handwoven Condesa chairs have found a beautiful new home at the gorgeous El Vicenç De La Mar in Mallorca.

Condesa chairs in Mallorca

If you're thinking of visiting Mallorca, definitely check them out!

Chairs made for the outdoors and beach life!

Our Silla Acapulco and Condesa chairs are the perfect match for outdoor spaces or terraces. Especially for these seaside hotels they are just the perfect combination. Due to the open structure they can be left outside even with a strong breeze.
Don't mind sitting on the chairs with your wet beachwear, the strings are resistant to sun, moist and heat!
Our Condesa chairs have a completely circular frame compared to the Acapulco lounge chair, and thus have more upright seat. They take up less space and offer a different aesthetic. Check out this blog post for more on the differences between the Condesa and the Acapulco chair.
condesa mallorca chair silla acapulco original
Plunge into Cala Sant Vicenç; Pollença, in one of its small coves with crystalline waters on the seafront, Cala Molins...what a dream!
Photos courtesy of El Vicenç De La Mar
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