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Wanderlusting: Mimi & Coco Villas in Corfu

The global pandemic may have put a damper on our travel plans for 2020, but we can certainly dream!

It certainly brightens our day to see our Acapulco chairs find homes all over the world, and be part of the landscape of the tranquil Mimi and Coco Villas in Corfu, Greece.

Mimi and Coco Villas Silla Acapulco Chair

Envisaging a space that would both inspire and ease the senses, the owners of Mimi & Coco managed to bring their vision to life this past summer. The beautiful hideaway with a dramatic view of the Mediterranean sea is not only absolutely GORGEOUS, but has also been designed with the environment in mind. It features sustainable architecture, using eco-friendly building materials in addition to being built for efficient energy consumption.

Acapulco Chairs Corfu Greece Mimi and Coco


acapulco chairs mimi and coco villas corfu

acapulco chair corfu mimi and coco

acapulco chair mimi and coco

We hope to spend some time on the Queen of the Ionian islands soon!

For more information and to make a booking, please visit

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