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PVC Cord Coil salmon pink
€29,95 €24,75 excl.

PVC Cord Coil salmon pink

PVC Cord Coil for repair of Acapulco and Condesa chairs. ...More information
  • Article number:DIV/PVC/RS
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PVC Cord Coil for repair of i.a. Acapulco and Condesa chairs.

Weight per coil: approx. 1kg

Cord length: approx. 35-40m

Cord diameter: 4.8mm

*To weave 1 Acapulco or Condesa chair you need 2 coils.


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Stefaan D. Posted on 8 August 2020 at 16:43

I tried to restring our condesa chair(s). I was told I needed 2 chords for 1 chair. I am a bit disappointed I came 1,5 meter short, allthough I did the exact amount of revolutions as the original one. A little bit frustrating.

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