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Acapulco 2 Seater Sofa blue, suitable for 2 to 3 people
€649,00 €536,36 excl.

Acapulco 2 Seater Sofa blue, suitable for 2 to 3 people

Enjoy twice as much in this original Acapulco 2 Seater Sofa! Spacious enough for 2 to 3 adults and ideal for outside use all year round! ...More information
  • Article number:ACA/2S/SB1
  • Availability: Currently sold out, pre-order now for delivery in first week of October.
  • Delivery time:For the current delivery time please contact with [email protected]

Comfort: This Acapulco 2 Seater Sofa is hand-woven with comfortable PVC cords with "memory", so that the seat forms itself your body and returns to its original shape after use.

Materials: This sofa is hand woven with recyclable PVC.

The PVC cords are resistant to direct sunlight, to temperatures from -18˚C to +80˚C, contain anti-oxidants and are free of phthalates. This not only ensures that the sofa is less harmful to our environment, but is also suitable for years of use both inside and outside! 

Delivery: The sofas are delivered to individuals or companies across Europe. For delivery in the USA please visit https://www.sillaacapulco.us/

Special conditions apply when purchasing 10 Acapulco love seats or more. Contact [email protected]

Maintenance: Our Acapulco sofas have a guaranteed quality and durability thanks to the welded frame with galvanized coating and the seat made with hand-woven recycled PVC. The sofas are therefore suitable for years of use both inside and outside. Clean your sofa with water and a little soap and dry it with a soft cloth.

  • Dimensions (width / height / depth): 162x98x110cm
  • Seat height: 35cm
  • Weight: 20kg

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