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The PVC in Our Acapulco Chairs and Other Chair Models

The pros and cons of working with PVC in our Acapulco designs and other chair models.

Today I would like to talk about PVC. It stands for polyvinyl chloride and is the world’s third most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer. Most of our Acapulco, Condesa and dining chairs are woven with PVC cords.

As you may have guessed, PVC is is harmful to the environment for several reasons and one of them is simply the fact that oil is used during production. One of the reasons it is used so often is due to its durability. Nevertheless, its durability is also its downfall environmentally speaking, as it is not biodegradable - and therefore will be present in our ecosystems for a very long time.

We try to be very mindful of this so do our best to minimize our impact as much as possible. At Fair Furniture, we make sure to use PVC free of phthalates (a chemical compound primarily used to make PVC flexible) and heavy metals so at least it is not toxic to humans and less harmful to our environment. 

Because of its undeniable impact on the environment, our goal is to promote the use of natural materials in the design and overall production of our furniture. One of the first products we’ve created with all
this in mind is the Acapulco Hemp Chair and more recently, the Tule Chair, which is made of
reed. Also we are thinking about making our chairs completely reusable from start to finish and
are working out the details...but that’s a topic for another blog post!

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